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"I just wanted to thank you for all your help to make my wedding everything I dreamed of!!  It was beautiful and I got lots of compliments on you and your work!  I just wanted to thank you again for everything!!  I will be recommending you for anyone I know getting married in the near future."
           Tiffany & Brandon Ortiz
           April 6, 2013

"Bear and I talked just this morning how we'd like to go back to Santa Fe and relive our wedding. It was exactly what I envisioned.  My friend, Sharon, told me "..I have heard those readings so many times, but never really heard them.  Linda read them as they're supposed to be read..."
Linda, you did a wonderful job.  Thank you for being such an integral part of our very special day. "
      Nancy and Bear Urias

       Denver, CO

"We could not be happier with the warm professionalism Linda brought to our wedding.  She was a pleasure to work with, every step of the way, from planning all the way through a wonderfully completed complex service.  Her caring, positive energy was clearly felt not only by us, but by our guests as well.  Great! Laudable! Joyful! Memorable for a lifetime!"
John and Karen
Albuquerque, NM

"I've been meaning to e-mail you and to let you know how much we LOVED having you as part of our special day! I really couldn't have dreamed it any better! You did such a wonderful, beautiful, and special ceremony. I continue to get compliments from so many people as to how wonderful of a ceremony it was and that's all thanks to you. Thanks again for soooooo much and I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know that is getting married!"
    Ana and Josh Bacon
     Albuquerque, NM

"I wanted to drop you a line and thank you for our wedding ceremony on Sandia Peak. Frank and I wanted a simple, meaningful ceremony. We could not have asked for more that sunny afternoon with you and our friends, both old and new."
With warmest regards,
    Jan Ryerson
     Macon, Georgia

I wanted to thank you again for performing our wedding ceremony. I can't tell you how many people have commented on what a great job you did. Everyone enjoyed it! My Mother-In-Law, Maid of Honor, and Maid of Honor's family have all been raving about you! I was especially impressed with how the rehearsal went, I think the way that we practiced really helped everything run smoothly on the day of.
       Katie Daniel
       Rio Rancho, NM

On April 22, 2010 Rev.Linda Mertz performed not only a wedding but created the most meaningful moment of mine and my husbands life.  The moment she began to speak it was magical ...  I had so many guests say to me how beautiful the ceremony had been and how great the minister was, I also heard many of the same people tell her what a beautiful ceremony she preformed.  I can not express the power of love and emotional beauty we experienced simply because she believed in the moment and put every ounce of herself into our special evening. I am so grateful for the blessing of having Rev. Mertz send us into the next journey of our life together, I could not have asked for a more perfect experience.
      Trish and Doug Adell
      Albuquerque, NM

I wanted to take this time to say "Thank You" for everything!!  In the words of my brother-in-law, Ben ... "Linda knocked it out of the park!"  I agree with him 100%!   So many of our guests complimented you on a job well done.  If we know anyone else getting marred in the Santa Fe/ Albuquerque area, you will be very highly recommended.  
     Audra Salas
     Albuquerque, NM

"We would be honored if you would include us on your website. People would see what a great time we all had!"
   Katherine and Derek Marrujo
Albuquerque, NM

We want to thank you for the beautiful ceremony you did for us. We really enjoyed it and we wanted to tell you about a special moment. We noticed and several of our guests remarked to us that a great wind came up as we were making the corn and tobacco offerings to our ancestors during the ceremony. We feel this is a sign that the offerings were received and accepted and that the ancestors blessed our marriage. Thank you for helping us create this special part of our marriage ceremony.

    Ramona & Michael
    Albuquerque, NM

Liz (from I Do! I Do! Bridal Salon) referred me to you – she told me that you are the only wedding officiant that has made her cry. Liz, a Wedding Coordinator for 9 years, actually cried at a wedding! That impressed her so much that she is referring you to lots of people! And, she was right. You made our simple ceremony so VERY special.
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Perez

You’re engaged!  You’ve set a date.  You have the ring.  You’ve found THE DRESS, the florist, DJ, a beautiful location, the perfect cake. 
Everything is taken care of... 
                    But how do you choose a
                      Wedding Officiant?

Hello, I’m Linda Mertz, a non-denominational wedding officiant with Awakened grew out of my love of being with couples as they promise their love to each other and my desire to provide you with a personalized and sensitive service that respectfully honors your wishes for your wedding day. And, yes, we do same sex weddings!

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When I started, I found that couples had all sorts of questions.  Did they have to say certain vows?  Could a brother be the Man of Honor?  How long did a ceremony last?  Can my uncle walk me up the aisle?  What can I do to make my ceremony more personal? More fun?  More relaxed?

While I started out JUST performing the ceremony, I found that many couples wanted more than just a cookie-cutter service.  They wanted and needed assistance in creating a ceremony that felt more personalized and more in tune with their lifestyle and beliefs.  

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And they sometimes needed a wedding director, someone who would ‘take charge’ of directing the wedding ceremony, running the rehearsal, and making sure the wedding itself went smoothly.  

Everything you need to know about Wedding Ceremonies

To help you, I created, a full-service wedding ceremony and wedding direction organization, dedicated to beautiful wedding ceremonies and wedding choreography.

                                                                                                  Talitha Tarro Photo
I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for everything you did to help us with our ceremony. Ben and I have both decided that our wedding would not have been nearly as successful without your knowledge, guidance, and all-around awesome attitude. That was hands-down the best day of my life!
All the best,
Lauren Abadie

Linda is wonderful!  From the very first conversation, I knew she was the type of open-minded and caring officiant that we needed.  Linda helped us create a beautiful multicultural ceremony.  Each word of the ceremony was carefully considered, and every bit was tailored just to us.  Since we didn't have a coordinator, she took charge of the rehearsal and made sure everyone knew what to do.  She even helped us with a last minute planning crisis, and always kept a smile and a positive attitude.  We are eternally grateful to Linda for everything she did to make our special day unique and memorable.
                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ulibarri

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I’ve gathered a team of sensitive and caring wedding officiants who are trained in ceremony design, rehearsal direction, and officiating.  Every one of us at is dedicated to making your wedding the most beautiful and relaxed event you can imagine. YOU will shine at your ceremony!

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And you can take advantage of ALL our services if you wish OR just have a wedding officiant show up and perform a simple ceremony.  It’s up to you.  Whatever you choose, you’ll be assured of having a beautiful and meaningful ceremony performed by an experienced and caring professional wedding officiant.

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on our ceremony! And for all of your help that day! Thank you again for working with us! We were extremely happy with how smooth the ceremony was.                                      Janel and Yoshi
                                                                                  June 30, 2013

Why an Awakened Weddings Officiant?

First, Weddings are our only business.  We love weddings and working with couples like you.   We don’t have to worry about ministering to a congregation or giving sermons.

                                                                                                      Jones Photo Art
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Second, our years of experience in performing weddings mean that you can feel confident that your wedding will flow smoothly and beautifully and that any special requests you might have will be included in your wedding ceremony in a natural way. Experience also means that we've worked at most of the venues in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and the surrounding areas. We know the details about each location and know how to work seamlessly with the venue's wedding coordinators.

Third, we have the expertise to handle even those unexpected events that happen during a wedding, and the experience that will help YOU stay calm and relaxed on your special day.

What if I'm using a Wedding Planner?

One of the first major decisions a couple makes is whether to work with a wedding planner or not.  Awakened Weddings officiants have experience in working with the major wedding and event planners here in Albuquerque and in Santa Fe.  We become part of your wedding planning team, and can work directly with your wedding planner to finalize the details of your wedding ceremony.
Hello, Ruben and I just wanted to write a little note to say
thank you for doing such a great job getting us hitched! You have  been so warm and nice and we really appreciate all that you did. Our wedding, especially the ceremony was amazing and we wouldn't have changed a thing.  We hope you are doing well, and again thank you so much for being such a huge part of our wonderful day. Love,
                            Connie, Ruben, and Katalina

If you choose to plan your own wedding, we can work directly with you and your fiancé to make your wedding ceremony meaningful and beautiful at the same time.  We'll also direct the rehearsal so, on the day before your wedding, you can just relax, enjoy reconnecting with your out of town guests, and leave the rehearsal to us.

At Awakened Weddings, we offer you the same wide array of choices and options that you have in choosing all the other supporters on your wedding day.  We’ll even let you know what questions to ask to help you make the perfect choices for your wedding ceremony.

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So I’ve listed below some things for you to consider.  Remember, when it comes to your wedding, there’s no right or wrong, there’s only what you feel most comfortable with on your special day.

Some Questions to Think About . .

1.  Do you want a bilingual officiant?  
Two of the Awakened Wedding Officiants, Ana and Nancy, speak Spanish and English, so all your friends and family can appreciate your wedding ceremony. And all our officiants have experience in a full range of ceremony types. They are also skillful rehearsal directors.
                                      Ana                    Kathleen                Nancy         

2.    How long does a ceremony last? 
A simple non-denominational ceremony lasts about 20 minutes.  There are many other factors that can affect the length of the ceremony!  If you have a large wedding party (for example, if you have nine bridesmaids in your wedding party), it will take longer for everyone to walk down the aisle.  If you want to include some of the “extra” ceremonies, such as the Sand Ceremony or the Unity Candle Lighting, add another 5 minutes to the ceremony.  If you include long readings or more than one reading in your ceremony, this will also lengthen the ceremony time. 

For blended families, including the children in the ceremony is a sweet way to welcome them into your new family and make them feel a part of the festivities.  This can also lengthen the ceremony slightly. 

Including children in your wedding party, such as very young ring bearers or flower girls, may lengthen the ceremony.  Young children are a wonderful addition to any wedding.  Just watching them makes all the guests and wedding attendants relax and laugh!   However, it may mean that it will take a few extra minutes for a child to make it down the aisle!
Thank you so much for making our ceremony so beautiful.  You do such a great job and we had nothing but wonderful compliments from our guests about you. It’s obvious that you care and take time for every detail and we appreciate that.  Our day was absolutely perfect and we enjoyed every moment.  You were a pleasure to work with.  Thank you again.
               Andrea Kexel and . . .
Thank you for leading us through a beautiful ceremony.  I’m so glad we chose you for this special day.  Thx!
              Drew Kexel
3.  Do I need a rehearsal? 
A rehearsal is recommended if you have a large wedding party, if you plan to do a Sand Ceremony or a Unity Candle Lighting, or if you plan any other unusual ceremonies at your wedding.  For example, at a recent wedding, the couple wanted to include an offering of corn and tobacco in honor of their Native American ancestors.  They also wanted to have their children (it was a blended family) take part in the corn and tobacco ceremony.  This meaningful ceremony was the highlight of the wedding!  Having a rehearsal gave everyone the confidence to relax and enjoy this special moment fully.

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4.    Can I talk with more than one minister before I choose?
Absolutely, it’s important that you feel comfortable with you person who will officiate at your wedding.  All Awakened Weddings ministers are chosen for their innate thoughtfulness, caring attitude, and attention to detail.  They are truly an extraordinary group of special people who are dedicated to performing a meaningful service for you.

5.  Can I mix traditions, for example, can we do an Irish Wedding Blessing as well as the Jewish breaking of the glass?  Of course.  Today's weddings are a meaningful blend of whatever traditions are most important to you.

6.  I don't feel comfortable with a lot of religious stuff, is that ok?
  That's fine.  Prayers, readings, and blessings are all optional and we offer you a number of ways to give your ceremony a sacred feel that are not affiliated with any specific religion.

These are just a few of the questions that most couples ask.  Please email us if you have other questions about creating your perfect wedding ceremony.

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But what will it cost?

At Awakened Weddings, we have several different levels of service available.  You get to choose from a selection of service levels that run from a full custom wedding ceremony to a simple elopement.  You can choose to write your own vows or choose from a selection of wedding options we have on file.  You can have a rehearsal or not.  Just give us a call or drop an email and tell us about your wedding wishes.  We’ll help you find the option that works best for you.

For more information or to schedule an appointment to discuss your wedding ceremony needs, call us or email us today.  All the best to you as you plan your perfect wedding!

Rev. Linda Mertz
Head Wedding Officiant
Member  New Mexico Wedding Professionals

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